Transform random networking into focused results.

If you knew every time you attended a particular networking event that you had a high probability of gaining new clients or providing high quality referrals to others you’d never miss an opportunity to attend, right?

The overall goal of a system like Referral Metrics is to gain insight as to where the best places to network are located, who are the best business categories to network with, and what individuals are best for you to continue referral relationships with?

It’s not a system for introducing strangers to other strangers, but a system to deepen referral relationships to last a lifetime. Focus on quality, not quantity.

It’s not who you know, but how they know you

Have you ever stopped to think of how many people are in your social circle and how you came to know them? Is your network a mile wide and an inch deep? Or is it narrow but very deep? Understanding where your best business relationships have been formed is one of the first steps to building a quality network.

Win at Networking

How do you know when you are winning at networking?

  • When someone mentions a need for a product/service you provide, you’re the first person many think of referring.
  • When you are asked to recommend someone for any product/service.
  • When others do not hesitate to grant a request when you ask for help.

Connect. Track. Succeed.

While most people are scattered and inconsistent with networking, Referral Metrics provides the structured application to monitor and measure all that you do.?

  • Connecting all your contacts in one interface
  • Delivering referrals in real time
  • Tracking your ROI (return on investment) with sales revenue from referrals
  • Measuring your quality of referrals given

  • What is Referral Metrics?

    A tool to manage:

    • manage all your networking activities
    • strengthen your referral relationships
    • increase efficiency in giving
    • increase efficiency in communicating to referral partners
    • document your inner circle of those you know, like, and trust

  • What Referral Metrics isn't.

    • A prospecting tool
    • A database of contact names
    • A way to introduce strangers to one another

Why did we make Referral Metrics? We learned early on the importance of building long lasting business relationships that provide mutual benefits. As your network grows it gets harder and harder to successfully manage these relationships.

  • Portfolio Item

    Traits/Habits of a Successful Networker

    • Attend networking functions regularly
    • Give more than you receive
    • Follow up on referrals in a timely manner
    • Communicate to those who give referrals to you so that they are ‘in the loop’
    Portfolio Item

    Things I Need to Know as a Networker

    • Giving vs. Receiving ratio
    • Who are my best referral partners? Individuals and Business Categories?
    • How much revenue is generated from my networking? Quarterly? Annually? Return on investment calculation?
    • Which networking events are best for me to give referrals? To receive referrals?
    • How many of the referrals that I give to others are deemed as ‘quality’ referrals?
    Portfolio Item

    Problems Solved by RM

    • Slips of paper are easily lost but referrals entered in RM are permanent
    • Referral information is delivered immediately to the recipient
    • As referrals are documented, data is organized for insightful reporting
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